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Manuscripts, Alexander Turnbull Library

A preliminary report with findings from an internet survey conducted in the Christchurch region in the days following the Darfield earthquake. Includes eyewitness accounts of alleged earthquake precursors, such as earthquake lights, atmospheric changes, human responses and erratic animal behaviour. Quantity: 1 Electronic document(s). Provenance: The donor provided the following information: In connection with the M7.1 earthquake at Darfield, September 4th, we collected many accounts of alleged precursors via an internet survey. The resulting report is attached. It is an interesting historical document and you might consider adding it to the National LIbrary collection in some form. About 100 copies have been distributed to those who asked for it. There is no official printed form, it is digital only. The report forms the basis of a scientific paper in preparation but it is already apparent that much of the quoted accounts from survey respondents will have to be left out. The report itself will therefore remain a useful document. We plan to submit the scientific paper to Natural Hazards and Earth Science Systems in due course. The report and paper confirm that some real precursors do exist, but cannot be more specific about causes.