Nisbet, Alistair, 1958- : If a secret microphone was smuggled into CERA's meetings?... 15 November 2011

Text reads 'If a secret microphone was smuggled into CERA's meetings?...' A group of CERA staff chat during tea at a meeting. They make unguarded comments about the state of affairs in earthquake-stricken Christchurch unaware that a microphone has been left in a sugarbowl. Context: the cartoon suggests that there seems to many Christchurch people to be a lack of real care on the part of officialdom as they struggle to recover from the earthquake damage. The microphone recalls that left 'accidentally' on a table at which Prime Minister John Key and the ACT candidate for the Epsom seat were having a highly publicised cup of tea. Then when it was discovered that a microphone had recorded their conversation John Key tried to get a court order to supress making it public. Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).

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