Nisbet, Alistair, 1958-: Prince William comes to Christchurch... 17 March 2011

Text above reads 'Prince William comes to Christchurch...' A special royal portaloo has been arranged for the visit of Prince William to Christchurch; it is built to resemble a castle and has gold door fittings. On either side of the portaloo stands a sentry guard. The prince who is inside whispers 'I can't find the royal flush button' (wordplay on 'royal flush' and the 'flush' of a toilet) Context - Prince William visited the Civil Defence headquarters in Christchurch with Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker on the 17th March to see the damage caused by the earthquakes of the 4th September 2010 and the 22 February 2011. Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).

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