Nisbet, Alistair, 1958-: Christchurch displays portaloos... 8 March 2011

Text at top left reads 'Christchurch display portaloos' Four different styles of portaloo are shown; the "Merivale", the 'Sumner", the "Heritage" and the "Eastsider"; someone inside the 'Eastsider says 'At least I'm open plan AND mobile!' Context - After the tow Christchurch earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks that have hit Christchurch one of the problems is lack of toilets because of damage to buildings and also damage to sewage systems so many portaloos and chemical toilets have been sent to Christchurch. However many people have resorted to the good old kiwi way and dug long-drops in the backyard. A website '' has been developed by Christchurch man Jason Moore, who was inspired by photographs of Christchurch dunnies uploaded to Facebook. There has been a competition. Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).

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