Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945-:[Time capsules discovered after Christchurch earthquake] 2 March 2011

Text above the image reads 'Time capsule discovered under founder's statue-' The statue of John Robert Godley, the founder of Christchurch, has toppled and a time capsule has been uncovered in the rubble by three rescue workers. One of them reads the document he has pulled out of the capsule and it says 'Personally I favoured Akaroa...' Context - the Christchurch earthquake of 22 February 2011 after which 2 time capsules were found under the John Robert Godfrey statue - they have been sent to Museum experts to open. Akaroa was largely unaffected by the earthquake. A Nelson newspaper 'The Colonist' in an article published in 1918 about the time capsule in Christchurch said, "This statute of John Robert Godley executed by Thomas Woolner was erected in the west side of the Cathedral Square by the Provincial Government of Canterbury, and unveiled by the late Sir Charles Christopher Bowen on August 6 1867, it was moved to this site in March 1918." (3 News 2 March 2011) Colour and black and white versions available Quantity: 2 digital cartoon(s).

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