Hubbard, James, 1949- :ACC takes earthquake hit. 7 March 2011

A man walks away from a scene of destruction after an earthquake; he is reading a newspaper whose headline is 'ACC takes earthquake hit' and because he is not looking where he is going he is about to step into the sea in which lurks a shark that represents 'levies'. A second version has the shark representing 'Nick Smith'. Context - The second Christchurch more devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011 that followed an original earthquake on 4 September 2010. Levy changes from April 1 will give businesses discounts or penalties on their workplace ACC levies based on a three-year claims history but ACC Minister Nick Smith said today that the quake would be declared an "adverse event" so Christchurch employers would not be unfairly hit with a levy increase, unless they contributed materially to an employee's injuries. (NBR 10 March 2011) Two versions of this cartoon are available Quantity: 2 digital cartoon(s).

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