Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945- :"Hello EQC here! - you know how the quakes left your home on such an angle you couldn't live in it?...". 18 June 2013

The Earthquake Commission calls a householder and tells him the 'good news' that his house which was left by the earthquakes in 'such an angle you couldn't live in it' has been refloated by the recent heavy rain and is now level again. The 'bad news' is that the house was last seen floating in the sea off Sumner. In June 2013 heavy rains had caused flooding in Canterbury. Christchurch was affected especially in the liquefaction prone areas, where the ground had sunk because of the earthquakes. Colour and black and white versions available Other Titles - Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945-:"Established in a conservation estate...likely to harm our unique flora and fauna..." 31 May 2013 Quantity: 2 digital cartoon(s).

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