UC QuakeStudies content live in UC CEISMIC

We are very pleased to announce that items from the University of Canterbury's QuakeStudies repository are now available in UC CEISMIC search.  This completes an important link in our federated archive, so it is particularly exciting for the UC team and the CEISMIC Consortium to see it live.

The addition of UC QuakeStudies adds around 6000 digital objects to www.ceismic.org.nz, and there is a great variety to browse through.  If you've visited UC QuakeStudies you'll know we are archiving a broad range of materials, from newspapers to oral history audio interviews to scientific reports.  These have been sourced from a variety of content partners who are committed to ensuring a long-term record of the quakes is preserved, including Fairfax Media, Environment Canterbury, New Zealand Historic Places Trust. We're very happy to connect UC QuakeStudies with existing collections under the CEISMIC umbrella, and we plan to add further material in the coming weeks, including more full-text searchable newspapers and some substantial new image collections.

One advantage of this development is that we can offer access to UC CEISMIC content through a number of channels, from our website, to the CEISMIC mobile app built by NV Interactive, to the DigitalNZ API. Having many channels to the archive is important because it encourages more people to engage with the content in new and creative ways.

We wouldn't have been able to complete our vision for UC CEISMIC without the support of a number of organizations and individuals.  Learning Media Ltd, developers of QuakeStudies, have provided software development and technical expertise when it mattered most. DigitalNZ, part of the National Library of New Zealand, provide the framework that makes metadata aggregation across the CEISMIC partners possible, and have been endlessly patient and dedicated to the project. In particular, we'd like to thank Richard Parratt (LML) and Dan Charles (DNZ) for helping us get the search results looking just right.

We are also grateful for the support of our amazing UC QuakeStudies content partners - including Fairfax Media, Environment Canterbury, NZ Historic Places Trust, Focus360, the Women's Voices oral history project, and many others. Sharing the lessons learned from the Canterbury earthquakes is an important step in the rebuild, and our content partners are at the forefront of this process.

With UC QuakeStudies now a part of the UC CEISMIC federated archive, we think a little celebration might be in order...

The Valley Inn in Heathcote gets demolished. Shane Spence from Beardsley Contractor salvages the Tui sign.

Photograph © Fairfax Media. All rights reserved.