UC Photographic Services in UC QuakeStudies

One of the latest additions to UC CEISMIC is a collection of photographs from the Photographic Services unit at the University of Canterbury.

Photographic Services is tasked with documenting news and events on campus as well as providing an in-house source of high quality images for print and web.  In 2010, Photographic Services began photographing the impact the Canterbury earthquakes had on campus as well as the wider community.  From 2010-2012 they took upwards of three thousand photos. These photographs, now archived in UC QuakeStudies, tell the story of the earthquakes as seen from the perspective of students and staff of the University of Canterbury.

This story includes:

Damage in the central city

Students banding together to help the wider community

The loss of buildings on Campus

The construction of new ones

Earthquake research and innovation

Students continuing to study and excel in new and challenging environments

While the earthquakes created great challenges for the University and its students, it also brought people together and fostered engagement with the wider community. The University has gone through many changes over the past two years in order to be able to continue with research and teaching, many of them for the better. This collection of images shows how the University's strength and resilience has been tested and proven during that period, and how it is building for a stronger future.


Photographs © University of Canterbury.  All rights reserved.