UC CEISMIC Internships

UC CEISMIC now hosts eight University of Canterbury Bachelor of Arts Interns. While all BA Internships are designed to be project-based and structured in cooperation with organisations, the UC CEISMIC internships uniquely combine additional collaborative integration with UC CEISMIC consortium members. These productive relationships between the University, UC CEISMIC and the consortium will allow faster progress on digitally archiving the Canterbury earthquakes and their aftermath.

All eight interns, selected from a very competitive application and interview process, reflect the diversity of skill-sets developed within the BA. English major Keely McBride works with the Christchurch City Libraries, History major Mei Huang works with the HITLab, Classics major Shaun Hickman works with ECAN, double major English/Psychology David Withington works with the Historic Places Trust, and Media and Communication major Han Lei works with UC Digital Humanities. Education minors, Farah Jamaluddin and Marian Jennings, will develop and assess strategies and protocols for gathering and archiving primary and secondary school students' experiences.

Other first semester interns are completing oral histories and biographic photos of Red Zone Residents in Bexley, Dallington and Horseshoe Lake, as these communities begin to disappear. Their oral histories and photographs will also become part of the UC CEISMIC archives.

Together, these Bachelor of Arts interns comprise a great team dedicated to making a difference within their community. Using the skills and knowledge learned within their majors, their unique contributions will be invaluable to documenting the effects of the Canterbury earthquakes for future generations.