The Wounded Brick

The Christchurch Centre for Architecture have announced the first New Zealand public screening of The Wounded Brick, a Austrian-made film about the city and people of L'Aquila since a 6.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed the city in 2009. 

The Wounded Brick will be shown at 6 pm on Saturday 25 May in the DL Lecture Theatre at CPIT, with admission by koha.

In this cinematic essay, people from L'Aquila, Italy, share their experiences of a 6.3 earthquake that hit the city hard in April 2009, talking about their losses and hopes for the future. Alongside these personal accounts, architects, sociologists and urban planners reflect on topics relevant to rebuilding the city, as well as to the future of cities in general: Who owns a city? What is home and how can it be reconstructed? What is the meaning of housing in modern societies? 

The Wounded Brick  made its premiere in Berlin in March and this is the first screening of the film outside Europe, a screening the filmmakers acknowledge as important to them because of the similarities between L'Aquila and Christchurch.

This film screening is supported by the Goethe-Institut New Zealand, CPIT, Christchurch and the Christchurch Centre for Architecture. Thanks to there will be a reception after the screening to provide people the opportunity to share and discuss their thoughts about the film.

The money raised by koha will be used to cover costs; any profits will go to Gap Filler.


Image: Film still from The Wounded Brick, courtesy