The Student Voice in UC QuakeStudies

A collection of Canta magazines is now available on UC CEISMIC, showcasing students' experiences during and after the Canterbury earthquakes.

Canta is the official magazine of the University of Canterbury Students' Association. It aims to provide students a voice on campus, publishing letters and articles written by students as well as covering topics and events that concern them.

Magazines from 4 September 2010 to mid-2013 are already available in UC CEISMIC, and the intention is to continue adding to the collection for as long as the earthquakes and their aftermath still have an impact on students.

Covers from the 20 September 2010 and 14 March 2011 issues

In the period immediately after the earthquakes, the magazine's content was focussed on them, with photos of damaged buildings on the cover and many articles dedicated to the earthquakes.

Articles from the 20 September 2010 issue

The magazine was also used to inform students about the new layout of the university, the services that were available to them, and safety protocols.

Map of campus from the 14 March 2011 issue

Two years onwards, the discussion on the earthquakes continues in the background, proving how significant the effects have been on student life. Articles and Letters to the Editor frequently address the changes around campus, what students are happy with and what they would like to see done. Flat profiles illustrate that student accommodation is harder to find and that flats are often still awaiting EQC repairs.

Articles from the 1 May 2012 and 20 March 2013 issues

But most of all, these magazines show that life is still thriving on campus, that the University of Canterbury students have not lost their sense of humour and that they are still involved in the rebuild of the Central City.

Articles from the 29 May 2013 issue


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