The Star shines bright in the CEISMIC archive

Over the last few months the Christchurch Star Company and CEISMIC have been working together in partnership to make available earthquake-related material and record the on-going recovery and rebuild of Christchurch.

The UC CEISMIC programme and The Christchurch Star Company are pleased to announce the release of a collection of issues of The Star newspaper from the period 6 January 2010 to 27  December  2013. The Star is the country's third largest newspaper by circulation (and the largest in the South Island) and the country's only free metropolitan newspaper. The Star provides a great source of information about an important period in the history of the Canterbury earthquakes, and will record the ongoing recovery and rebuild in Christchurch and Canterbury.

In the coming months we will be adding several community newspapers published by The Christchurch Star Company to this collection. These, along with lifestyle and trading magazines reflect the way the earthquakes affected all aspects of life in Canterbury. For example, the bridal magazine With This Ring covers the topic of wedding venues, providing an insight into what venues were available after so many stone churches and historic buildings were damaged during the earthquakes. Similarly, advertisements in the Buy Sell & Exchange reflect the many people disposing of unwanted belongings before moving out of their houses for repairs.

The Christchurch Star Company is supportive of CEISMIC’s principles of open access to earthquake-related material, and have licenced the newspapers under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives license. This means that the material can benefit a wider audience, and is likely to yield creative, cultural and economic benefits for New Zealand.  

We would like to thank The Christchurch Star Company for making this rich store of material available for the benefit of all New Zealanders.  

Creative Commons License
Images of newspaper pages by The Christchurch Star Company are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License.