Quakestudies development on track

The UC CEISMIC Project reached another milestone last week when Project Executive Paul Millar and Project Manager James Smithies met with members of the University's Senior Management Team to present a draft of the Quakestudies research repository's website, and report on the development of the database which will power it.


QuakeStudies will collect content sourced from the research community and peak agencies involved with the earthquakes, providing a secure, access controlled 'vault' for these stakeholders to store their content, in the understanding that it will be looked after in perpetuity and be available to approved researchers either now or in future years. The site will offer advanced search functions and the content will be organised into Research Themes, so content is easy to find.


With senior management's approval of the draft site, the project team's attention now turns to ingestion of the first content, ready for the site's launch in the next few months.


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Photographs by Jennifer Middendorf, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.