Meet the UC CEISMIC Interns: Jack

This semester, UC CEISMIC has hosted Jack van Beynen in a  University of Canterbury Bachelor of Arts internship. Jack writes about his experiences in the Programme Office:

Hello, my name is Jack and this semester I am interning with UC CEISMIC as a digital archivist.

I am in my third year of studying towards a BA with a major in English and a minor in Political Science. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing and exploring the back-country of New Zealand.

I have been working on a number of small projects for UC CEISMIC throughout the semester. These have mostly involved curating metadata for objects in the UC QuakeStudies archive. Essentially, I have been describing what digital objects are, locating them geographically and relating them to other content in the archive. Another part of my internship has been examining new content for UC QuakeStudies and reporting on issues surrounding the presentation and publication of it.

I am really excited about the internship because it is a chance to learn useful skills and to be part of a great team. It is also an opportunity to learn about digital humanities, an exciting new field that I would like to know more about.

I think it is vital that we learn from the Canterbury earthquakes, and UC CEISMIC helps us to do so by making resources easily accessible.  In my opinion, this makes UC CEISMIC a very important project, and I'm proud to be making a contribution (albeit a small one) to it.