Life in the UC CEISMIC Programme Office

Four months ago I was alone in this office, when it was lined with University-issue chairs around the wall and a disused coffee table in the corner. Periodically, members of academic staff would walk in to use the kitchenette, making a cup of tea or heating up their lunch.

            This former tearoom, now the UC CEISMIC Programme Office, is abuzz with activity. Computers and desks now line the walls: eight interns, two Business Analysts, an administrator, and our Programme Office Manager are in and out throughout the day. It took some time, but this space is now the heart of our operation.

            Working in an open office is part of the charm of the place. Students and staff work side-by-side, in an environment that encourages critical discussion about topics ranging from the meaning of our culture's shift from tea to coffee, to whether chocolate afghans are better with walnuts. (They are.) At the very least, it gives us a clear aim and sense of unity; hopefully, working together will provide intellectual stimulation for staff and students alike.

             We are all excited here about upcoming developments for UC CEISMIC. In the last week of April, we are beginning testing and content loading for Quakestudies from within the Programme Office-a major step in our development. Federated search across is expected to go live around the same time. This is a challenging stage of development, but one which we are certainly looking forward to.