Introducing our new Business Analyst

A warm welcome to Lucy-Jane Walsh, who has recently joined the UC CEISMIC team as a Business Analyst.

Lucy-Jane says:


I am Lucy-Jane. I will be joining the team as a Business Analyst, working alongside Andrew, Chris, and Jennifer in the UC CEISMIC office. I recently graduated with an honours degree from the English Department at the University of Canterbury and am excited to be coming back and seeing things from the other side of the fence. I have a bit of a background in digital archiving, as I was among the first students in Paul Millar's Scholarly Editing course (and thus one of his guinea pigs), creating a digital repository of first world war documents by Christchurch veteran Roy Bruce. Unfortunately, due to the Earthquake, this project is still yet to be completed. I continued on in this line, tackling my own digital project last year, of a Canterbury doctor's memoirs.

I have great hopes for UC CEISMIC! I can remember when it was just barely a whisper of an idea, and am amazed and impressed at how quickly it has developed.

I am looking forward to working with all of you.



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