Fairfax Media Newspapers Sept 2010 - Feb 2011 release

The UC CEISMIC programme and Fairfax Media are pleased to announce the release of over 140 further issues of The Press newspaper from the period between 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011. These newspapers will be a fantastic source of information about an important period in the history of the Canterbury earthquakes, and they are now available as hi-res PDF files via www.ceismic.org.nz. This period is likely to be of great interest to researchers and the public, as it shows the impact of the September quake and gives insights into public discourse about the earthquakes and other issues just prior the 22 February event.  Full text search across the newspapers is available at QuakeStudies.  

If you'd just like to see a sample of the archive, we've made a small selection using DigitalNZ sets.

We have also added several time-lapse videos recorded by The Press, showing demolition work in and around Christchurch, such as this video showing the demolition of Shadbolt House in Lyttelton.

We would like to thank Fairfax Media for making this rich store of material available. We believe that in future it will be an important resource for understanding our social history during period following the earthquakes, and we're happy to report that more newspapers and other types of content from Fairfax will become available in the near future.  Keep an eye on www.ceismic.org.nz for updates!


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