Collecting content from our community

Along with large collections from our major content providers, UC Quakestudies is home to a number of smaller collections contributed by members of the public, and by staff and students of the University of Canterbury.

The Community Collection, University of Canterbury Staff Collection, and University of Canterbury Student Collection already contain some fascinating content, reflecting the wide range of responses our community has made to the devastating earthquakes.  Some have chosen to document their experiences, others to create art, and others to learn more about earthquakes and how they affect us.  At UC Quakestudies we're attempting to bring some of these responses together.

In the Community Collection you will find material from a wide variety of organisations and individuals. It currently includes a series of photographs taken by Jared Cantlon after the 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011 earthquakes, and is home to the 2010 Canterbury Time Capsule project.  Other content currently being processed by the UC Quakestudies team which we will make available soon includes more photographs from members of the community, as well as video and audio captured live at the time of the earthquakes. 

Our two UC Collections showcase the research and creativity of the University of Canterbury's staff and students.  In the Student Collection you'll find Disappearing Suburbs, a documentary photography project undertaken by students at the School of Fine Arts, as well as research papers by Cameron McLeod, a student in the Diplomacy and International Relations programme, and Andrew Moore, a student from the School of Music.  The Staff Collection currently includes a wide range of research projects presented at last year's Earthquake Research Forum, and poems by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Senior Adjunct Fellow in the English department. 

Our team is working hard to expand these collections, and we have a wealth of great content we'll be adding in the coming months, so keep an eye on UC Quakestudies for more from the Christchurch community.