Celebrating Christchurch on Screen

NZ On Screen's Christchurch Collection is a celebration of Christchurch, honouring the city's screen legacy. As a showcase history it is by definition backwards looking; but the devastation caused by the 22 February earthquake gives it a poignancy that is much more than nostalgic.

"... a feeling of loss winds through this collection."

As Christchurch-raised media commentator Russell Brown reflects in his introduction, the titles are mementos from, "a place whose face has changed". 

Featuring newsreels, documentaries, comedy, drama, iconic music videos and feature films - with the shadow of the quakes inescapably cast over many scenes - the collection both mourns and celebrates the city.

"Join together" (as the Games 74 anthem went) for a Cantabrian screen taster: from cathedrals and coronations to "Jeez Wayne", from the alps to the ocean, from Victoriana to Dance Exponents' Victoria, from Scribe to Praise Be, boosters to beatniks, garden city to gunge, Heavenly Creatures to Heartland, Lyttelton and more...

 The titles, which will be harvested and included in the CEISMIC project, testify to the buildings, culture and life of a city now lost, but sure to rise.