A Voice for the Third Sector

Christchurch sometimes seems like a city of acronyms.  EQC, CERA, CCDU, SCIRT, and TC3 are part of our daily vocabulary.  Another acronym, which represents a group doing vital work in our communities, is OVTRK.

OVTRK, or One Voice Te Reo Kotahi, is a network of Canterbury TSOs (there’s another acronym for you: Third Sector Organisations – groups and organisations that have arisen out of the community, rather than from government or commercial interests).  It currently has over 100 organisations on its Register, which represent communities of place, identity and interest.

OVTRK speaks from the Third Sector, identifying issues spanning the sector, and building relationships with government and commercial agencies, to facilitate communication so that the voices of the sector are heard and taken into account.

Over the years since the Canterbury earthquakes, OVTRK has run forums and made submissions on behalf of the sector on a number of issues, such as the CCC’s Long Term Plan, the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy, and the Transition to Long Term Recovery Arrangements. By ensuring the voice of TSOs is heard, OVTRK is helping guide the future of Christchurch.

CEISMIC  is proud to be able to preserve the story of OVTRK in our latest collection of material.  This collection brings together these submissions, along with other reports, presentations and documentation produced by OVTRK, along with posts and notices from their blog.  Together they present the ongoing efforts of one of Christchurch’s most hardworking networks.